Comedy Production

Airedale tv has been established to produce cutting edge comedy and documentaries on issues of social concern for some of the multiplicity of media outlets available today. Based in Crystal Palace, South London, the company will be innovative, support risky, eye-catching projects and seek to banish the bland, creating television to talk about.

There will be a blurring of fact and fiction in its’ first production, U Kno Wot I Mean? a comedy sketch series which will use a combination of actors, teenagers from inner city projects and former participants of Big Brother. A combustible concoction; but don’t worry, we’ve hidden the matches. From avant-garde to Carry On, bête noire to surrealism, U Kno Wot I Mean? will provide post-watershed comedy with a little assistance from one or two resurrected comic creations of the past. Come back Pete ‘n Dud, all is forgiven. Mrs Slocombe, what are you stroking?

In the pilot, our take on Love Thy Neighbour has Derek Laud playing a married, middle class barrister, shocked when white, chavvish, working class neighbours move next door. The humour is as much to do with class as race, but does show how times have changed. Other sketches depict contemporary issues such as unruly classrooms, road rage and relationship problems, performed by some of the best, most talented actors around.